Benefit Stash Flash


I have a few Benefit products and i love them all. That’s why i thought why not do an stash flash on my Benefit products. Up until now i have 7 Benefit products.

To start with the first product that i bought, the Browzings. This is a Brow product with a gel and a powder. First you give your eyebrow the shape that you want with the gel, after that you fill your brows in with the powder.


The product also comes with a tweezer and two brushes. This is very handy if your going on a holiday or a little get away. This way you don’t need to bring big brushes for your eyebrows.


The seconds product that i bought was the Boi-ing concealer. This is an cream concealer.


You can apply it with a brush or just to use your fingers. The concealer does not crease during the day and has a good coverage.


After these 2 products i bought the Get Your Party On box during the holidays. This box had 4 products in it.

The first one in the box was the Hoola bronzer. This is an amazing bronzer and it’s really pigmented so you only need a little bit at a time.


The Hoola bronzer comes with a little brush that is amazing to use during shaping your face.


The next thing in the box was the Gimme brow. This is basically a little mascara for your eyebrows. It’s really easy to use and you don’t need anything else to fill in your brows with.


It’s a tinted gel that fills in the little gaps and gives your eyebrows a nice shape. Because it’s a gel your eyebrows stay in shape all day.


The next product is the They’re Real mascara. This is an amazing mascara that gives your lashes volume and length.


This mascara is the only one that i will use for a long time now. Before this one i used the waterproof one from Estée Lauder and the Benefit one is so much beter.


The last thing in the box is the high beam highlighter. It’s comes in a little container that looks like a nail polish.


It’s really easy to use. You just dot a little bit of the product on the places that you want to highlight and dap it in with your finger.


The last thing that i bought is the They’re Real Push up liner. I bought it in the color brown.


It’s easy to use, this is the first eyeliner that i can work with without struggling. you just twist the end and the product comes out of the tip, a plus is that it’s a waterproof eyeliner.


These are my Benefit products. What is your favorite Benefit product?

♥See you Soon♥

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