Photography tag.


I already did this tag a long time ago but wanted to do it again since i have taken a lot pictures since then.

1.What was your first camera?

That was a Nikon Coolpix S3100. I bought it from my first paycheck and was very happy with it. My phone takes beter pictures then the camera right now. I used it so much that it is just dead.

2.What do you take the most pictures of?

Products that i write about on my blog. Besides that i love to take photos during holidays and concerts.

3.Which app’s do you use to edit smartphone pictures with?

I don’t know i don’t really edit the pictures that i take with my smartphone. I just edit them with instagram when i post them. Most of the pictures that i post on social media are taken with my camera and not with my phone.

4.What is your favorite picture that you have taken?

I think it’s still the picture i have taken during a Only Seven Left concert. I don’t know i just like the moment it was taken.


5. How many pictures do you take on a daily basis?

I don’t know that depends, sometimes i don’t even take 1 and the other day i take like 50 pictures.

6. Where do you want to take pictures one day?

I would like to take pictures during a festival or a big concert. I only took pictures at small concerts so i would love to do that at a big concert some day. The only problem is that your not aloud to take your professional camera inside a big venue.

7. Which photography tip changed the way you take pictures?

I think don’t take your pictures on the automatic stand. Take risks and try to discover new things with your camera.

8. How do you share your pictures with the world?

I share them on Facebook and Instagram. Most pictures that i take i share with you guys on my blog.

This were the questions to the photography tag.

♥Lots of Love♥


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