Why a gap year?


Number 2 in my little ‘series’ about my gap year and going back to college. Today i will write about why i took a gap year.

First of all what did i do before my gap year. I went to college and studied business administration. I chose it when i was 16 years old. I had to choose a study and college at the age of 15/16. Do you think the 15/16 year old you can choose what you want to do the rest of your life. In my occasion, no. I chose the study because i was good at maths, and that was basically all you did that study. At the end of the second year i started to notice that this was not what i wanted to do the rest of my life but i wanted to finish the study so i always had something to fall back on. That’s why i started to look online to search for a new college and study. I found this study that i wanted to do really badly. I signed myself up for the interview. I was not accepted because i was not experienced enough.

That’s the reason why in took a gap year.

During this gap year i decided that i needed a second study if my first choice did not work the second time. So my search continued…. I found a second study that i found very interesting. I will talk about the studies when i know a little bit more about if i am accepted or not. Now i signed up for both of them and i have the first interview in march and the second one will be around the end of may or something.

♥See you soon♥

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