Things you learn in a gap year.


I finished college in July 2015. I decided to take a gap year. The reason why, i will explain it in a different blogpost. I want to make a series about my experience with a gap year and going back to school and stuff like that.

Today i will write about the things i learned in my gap year.


Before when i was going to school i only had to think about school and my job on Sundays. In my gap year i decided to finally start my blog, besides that i wanted to get more experience in the music industry, i have my own event business with friends and work at an amusement park. That means that i have to plan a lot more than i had to do before. To have enough time to spend on my blog or have enough time to work for my event business. Besides all that i have to work a few days at the amusement park and have an event from time to time for my experience. That means the thing i learned the most is planning.


Because i worked a lot more than before my paycheck was a lot bigger than before. I am going back to school so i wanted to save up money so i still have some money saved up if i can’t work that often. That means that i can’t spend everything that i get every month.

3.growing up.

You grow up a lot during a gap year, at least i did. Before my gap year i could barely cook or clean the house. Now i am home alone a lot during the day if i have a day off. My parents both go to work then and my brother and sister still have to go to school. That means i have to cook from time to time and have to clean the house a little so my mom does not have to do everything when she has a day off from work. The way you think is also different at least i think i look at things very different now.

4. getting up in the morning.

I liked to sleep in a lot when i went to college. Now i like to get up early in the morning to be as productive as i can that day. When i was in college i liked to sleep in to 11/12 in the morning. Now i get up around 8:30/9 in the morning. this is the time everyone leaves the house that’s why i like to get up around that time so i don’t get in the way of someone.

I am sure there are a lot of things i forgot to mansion, this are the things that came to me fast. Maybe if i forgot a lot of things i will do a #2.

♥Lots of love♥

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