Music Monday #4:My playlist.

Music Monday #4!!! Today i will share my playlist on my phone at the moment. It’s not a big one yet because i don’t have my phone for a long time yet. I use the app called IMusic. You can search the song that you want and you can load it so that you can listen to the song while you don’t have internet. It loads them from Youtube so you can listen to your favorite songs and see the music video at the same time.

At the moment i have 24 songs in my history.

  1. The Overslept – Envy
  2. MakeBelieve – Cry Like Wolves live @ Dit is Domien
  3. MakeBelieve – Follow
  4. MakeBelieve – Cry Like Wolves (official Video)
  5. Mister And Mississippi – We Only Part To Meet Again live at het glazen huis
  6. Moon Tapes – A Little Bit Of Paris
  7. Call It Off – Forward Or Crazy
  8. All Time Low – Something’s Gotta Give
  9. All Time Low – Kids In The Dark
  10. Green Day – 21 Guns
  11. Green Day – American Idiot
  12. Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  13. Fall Out Boy – Uptown Funk ( Cover live at Radio 1)
  14. A Polaroid View – Away From Here
  15. Only Seven Left – Winner
  16. Only Seven Left – One More Time
  17. Blink 182 – I Miss You
  18. Blink 182 – First date
  19. Blink 182 – All The Small Things
  20. The Overslept – Everything Must Go
  21. The Overslept – Memory Lane
  22. The Overslept – Forgive Me (feat. Bjørgen van Essen from Only Seven Left)
  23. The Overslept – Golden
  24. The Overslept – Where We Want To

Every time i use this app i just click on shuffle so every time you play the songs you have a different order.

♥lots of Love♥

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