Low-budget VS. High-end TAG.


I already did this tag a long time ago when my blog was still in Dutch. I wanted to do it again because a few things changed and i really like the tag.

1.Do you have more low-budget or high-end products in your stash?

At the moment i think high-end. Recently i only bought high-end products and got rid of a few low-budget products because i had them too long.

2.Low-budget or high-end mascara?

High-end, i use the Benefit They’re Real at the moment and before that i used the Estée Lauder one.

3.Low-budget or High-end foundation?

I don’t know, i always used a low-budget one but at the moment i use one from Chanel.

4.Low-budget or High-end eyeshadowpalettes?

I don’t know, i have a few high-end ones that i really like but then again i have a few low-budget ones that i really like.


5.Which low-budget product do you always buy again?

I always use a budget-proof eyeshadowbase and clear eyebrow gel.

6.And which high-end product do you always buy again?

Mascara, i always use a high-end one.

7.Which high-end product did you replace with a budget product?

I think at the moment i am replacing low-budget product for high-end ones. I don’t think i ever replaced a high-end product for a low-budget one. I never really had the money to buy high-end make-up up to this year since i don’t have school anymore so i can work more.

8.Which product does not have a good low-budget one on the market yet?

I think bronzer. I normally find them too orange. I have tried a few but they where all pretty orange and specially on my pale skin.


9.There is not a luxury brand that can tip this low-budget one?

I don’t know have not found it yet. I will continue my search…..

10.Would you treat yourself with 10 low-budget products or 1 high-end product?

I think 1 high-end product. I have had a bought low-budget products in the past that have disappointed me so i would treat myself with 1 high-end product. Sure there are good low-budget products out there but most of the brands that sell them don’t sell their stuff in the Netherlands.

♥Lots of Love♥


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