Makeup revolution shoplog + review

First of all, this is an extra blogpost. I will also upload on Friday this month. These extra blogposts will be online at 16:00PM.

Makeup revolution is a brand that they recently started to sell here in The Netherlands. It started out with a few different eyeshadow palettes but when i walked into the drugstore they had so much more all of the sudden. I of course had to take a look at what they had. The thing i really wanted was sold out so i have to go back in a little to see if when they have it again and if i have it there will be a review on my blog so stay tuned. Now on to the things i bought. I bought 3 different things.

The first thing i picked up is this Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights.


This is my first powder highlighter and the second highlighter i own. This is a beautiful subtle highlighter for a everyday look. You can build it up if you are going to a party.


The powder has a little pattern in the powder and a subtle glitter.


The next thing i picked up is a Salvation Velvet Lacquer in the colour Velvet vamp.


It’s a little bit of a daring clout but i wanted to try something new.


It’s a dark purple lip lacquer that dries out to be matt.


Ones it is dry it’s stays on for hours and is hard to get off with normal makeup wipes.


The last thing i picked up is this little bronzer, highlighter and blush kit. It’s the Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour kit in Ultra light.


It comes with a bronzer, highlighter and a blush so you have all at ones.


Here you have the colors close up. For ones i have found a light bronzer in a kit like this. Normally the bronzers are to dark for me in kits like these. You have to be careful with the powders because they are highly pigmented, you only need a little dap and you are good to go.


The kit also has a little mirror in it. This way you can take it with you everywhere you go.


Here yo have swatches from the powders. The bronzer has a nice tone and is not orange like a lot of bronzers are. The highlighter and blush are very nice on a pale skin like i have. This is a product i will take with me from now on on little get aways and holidays.

Like i said in the beginning of this blogpost i will post a review on the product that i really wanted to buy but that was sold out.

♥Lots of Love♥

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