Favorite lipsticks of the moment.

Today i will show you guys my favorite lipsticks that i like to use at the moment. It’s high-end and low-budget so everyone can get inspiration out of it.

The first one is by MAC i love their lipsticks but they are pretty expensive. It’s the very well known Faux. Faux has a satin finish which means it’s not Matt but also not too shiny. It’s a very pretty colour for a everyday look.


The second one is another one from MAC and it’s Captive. Captive also has a satin finish. I like to wear this colour with a very simple eye look. If you do so it’s still very appropriate for a everyday look. But for a party it’s also a very beautiful lipsticks.


The next one is one from essence. It’s actually a lipliner but i like to fill my whole lips in with it so it looks like a lipstick. It can be a little dry so i put a little bit of lip balm on the top. The good thing about it is that it lasts super long so you don’t have to worry about having to touch it up a lot during the day.


The next one is one from Hema. It’s a store in the Netherlands that pretty much sells everything. They have a few lipsticks that i really like. This one is from the Longer Lasting Lipsticks in number 02. I just really love the colour.


The last one is also from Hema. This is a soft matt lip balm. I have this lip balm in 2 colors. But i don’t know which one i like most so i will talk about both of them. I have the colors 03 and 05. 03 is a pink one and 05 is a red one. They are easy to use and very creamy but stay on pretty long.


These are my favorite lipsticks to wear at the moment. what is your favorite lipstick at the moment.

♥See you soon♥



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