Me as a blogger.


Somewhere online a while ago i found this tag. So today i am going to answer the questions of the tag for you guys. Feel free to answer the questions yourself.

1.Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think online or my personal life. I blog about the things i like, make-up, music, fashion. That’s why i like it so much.

2.What do you drink or eat during blogging?

That really depends on the time. I blog mostly during the day and sometimes after dinner. So i normally drink some coffee or tea And the food i eat is sometimes a sandwich if it is lunchtime and otherwise it’s a snack like an apple.

3.If you make an annual statement on your blog, when do you start?

I think that i will start at the end of December. That way you also have an excuse to look back at everything you did and wrote.

4.What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned as a blogger?

I think it is planning. I was never really good at it. But wanting to put a blogpost up 3 times a week really teaches you how to plan.

5.What is the best moment to blog for you?

It depends, my work schedule is not constant. Sometimes i have to work during the day and other days i have to work during the night sometimes even ’till 4 in the morning. So it depends on my work schedule.

6.What would you like to achieve as a blogger?

It would be amazing to make it my full-time job. Even tho i am not even near it right now. After all it’s my hobby and it has to stay fun to do.

7.Do you often feel insecure after publishing an article?

Not ofter, sometimes a little bit if it’s very personal but i don’t often publish an article that i find too personal so no not often.

8.Do you have a lot of contact with other bloggers?

Not really, i don’t have a lot of friends that i speak often that also have a blog. 2 old friends of mine have a blog right now but i don’t really speak them often anymore.

9.What kind of music or with tv channel do you prefer to play during blogging?

I don’t really watch tv that often but i love music. I normally have my itunes or youtube playing in the background. The music that i am playing is very versatile it can go from green day or blink 182 to Charlie Puth.

10.Do you have a day where you create the most articles?

No not really. I can blog every day of the week so sometimes it’s during the week and the other time it’s during the weekend. But if i have an idea and i don’t have time to blog i normally put it in my phone or write it down in a little notebook.

11.Why should someone start a blog?

Because it’s your own personal space on the internet where you can do whatever you want and it’s fun to do. You can be as creative as you want.

This were the questions of the me as a blogger tag. I hope you liked it.

♥Lots of Love♥



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