Eyeshadow palettes stash.


I have a pretty big stash of eyeshadow palettes so i thought let’s show them. I will show them brand by brand and will talk a little bit about them, like do i like them, the name of the palette, do i use them often and those kind of stuff.

Urban Decay


I have 3 Urban decay palettes. I have the Naked 2, Naked smoky and the naked 2 basics. I use them very often. The Naked2 basics is fantastic to bring with you on a get away.


Makeup Revolution London


Just like Urban Decay i own 3 palettes. Normally you can’t buy this in the Netherlands but a drug store has them for a limited time right now. The highlighters in the palettes are also amazing to use to highlight your face. I have the Iconic Pro 1 &2 and the Ultra eyeshadows palette. I use them very often i kind of switch between Urban Decay and Revolution the most.




I have one palette from Kiko. It’s this limited edition one. Just like Naked2 basics is this a perfect palette to take with you on a get away. That’s why i don’t really use it that often at home. I do take it with me on a holiday or a little get away.




I bought this palette when i was in London 2 years ago. Sleek is another brand that they don’t sell in the Netherlands that’s why i only own one because it’s an amazing palette. When i first got it i used it daily, now i use it every now and then. This is the I-Devine palette from Sleek.





MUA is sold in a few selected drugstores in The Netherlands. I have the Undress Me Too palette, i think it’s one of their most populair palettes. I have to admit it’s a really good palette. I use this palette when i want to create a really basic look.




I used to have a lot more palettes from essence but they fell apart after using them a lot since they where the first little eyeshadow palettes that i owned. I only have two left. I have the All About Nudes and All About Bronze. These are just really nice and budget-proof palettes to start with.


L’Oreal Paris 


The L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude. I got it right when it came out to review it. I have to say i love it, it’s a really good basic palette. I have to admit that i don’t use it that often. I used it a few days in a row when i was testing it but now i don’t really grab it that fast anymore.




Lastly i have this palette from Catrice. The Deluxe trio eyeshadow. I have to admit i don’t really like it, the pigmentation is not amazing. The lightest colour can be used as a subtle highlighter on your face but other than that i don’t really use it.


These are the eyeshadow palettes i own at the moment. I recently trew a lot of little ones that i don’t use anymore away. So if i still had them i would have double the palettes i have now.

♥Lots of Love♥



5 thoughts on “Eyeshadow palettes stash.

  1. Tessa says:

    Eens overwegen om het MUA palette te kopen! Ik twijfelde eerst nog wat omdat ik niet zeker was van de kwaliteit 🙂 Het Kiko palette ziet er ook echt mooi uit 🙂 Vind je het leuker om in het Engels te bloggen? Ik blog al sinds het begin in het Engels, en ik vroeg me af of je duidelijk merkt dat je een groter bereik hebt nu 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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