Music Monday #2: Bands i would love to see live.


There are a lot of bands i listen to but only saw a few live. That’s why i still have a long list if bands i would love to see live. Today i will share a few of these bands of my list.

#1 Green Day

green day

i love this band live, they put so much energy into there performance. Besides that i just love there music.

#2 Blink 182

blink 182

I just love there music. I don’t know what it is but i think that they don’t really care what people think about them. The lyrics to their songs are about the most nonsense ever. Just like Green Day their performance is full of energy.

#3 The Dirty Daddies


This is a Dutch ‘party band’. They make medleys from all kinds of songs. It’s just a party to watch them on stage.

#4 Rondé


This is another Dutch band. I just really love their music and never saw them play live except om radiostations and i think they sound amazing live that’s why i would like to see them live myself instead hearing them live on the radio.

Which band or act would you like to see live let me know in the comments i love to see what kind of music you guys listen to.

♥Lots of Love♥




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