Urban Decay Naked Smoky.


i finally have it, The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. This was on my wish list since it came out.


Only the packaging is already stunning to look at let alone the eyeshadows. Also a nice thing is that the packaging is magnetic, so it’s not hard to open and close.


Here is an inside of the palette. It’s just amazing. In this palette you find 9 colors that you have never seen before. The other 3 colors are exclusives. The colors are not just all matte but you also have satin and sparkle colors inside. With this palette you can create a lot of different looks, that’s what i love so much about this palette, and the colors in it are just amazing to look at.


Just like the other Naked palettes there is a double ended brush inside the palette. This brush is a little bit different than the others. this one has a small round brush on one side.


The other side of the brush is a blending brush. The thing that didn’t change about the brushes is that they are still extremely soft, so it’s very nice to use them. With the small brush you can apply the eyeshadow very precise, where you can blend them all in easily with the other side.


The first 6 colors in the palette from left to right.

High – Dirtysweet – Radar – Armor – Slanted – Dagger.


The other 6 colors, also from left to right.

Black Market – Smolder – Password – Whiskey – Combust – Thirteen.

I am very happy that i finally own this palette. You can buy the palette at the Urban Decay website.

♥Lots of Love♥

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